What is culture?

If we think about culture we may have several picture and expressions in our mind. Take some time to think about it by yourself.. no, dont search it on the internet. Imagine you are a philosopher and you want to write about culture!


So, now you have your own picture in mind, I want to share my thoughts with you.

The first I got in mind, was heritage and cultural goods. That can be buildings and inventions but also music, philosophy, poetry and even our language. But in my opinion that is only a minor part of culture. For me the major part is the bundle of values and norms that rule our life. If so, we have to be aware, that culture in not only in the past.

At this moment we are creating culture! Because every decision we make will influence the values and norms that are important to us.


To have these valuses and norms is importand to everybody but we all know that our human behavior is more or less strict in following them. Everybody will decide on his own about it.

“Our culture is to offer an open door to everybody, not an open door of our homes but of our souls!”


Please find your own answer on the question: “What is culture?” and share your point of view in comments.