City hunt

The highlight of the third day was the trip to Osnabrück: The castle, the churches, the Felix Nussbaum-Haus, the museum, and the zoo. Except for hanging out in the city and enjoying the charms of it, we also did a little city hunt which helped us to get to know the city.


We interviewed random people on the street and asked them, “What does culture mean to you?” The answers we heard ranged from education, art, tradition, and chatting to Bayern, Haxen, and beer. We also asked, “What makes you feel connected to your culture?” People’s reasons included being born in the country, their parents, and their ways of life.

One of our tasks was to perform a “social experiment”. We let a participant come to two strangers on the street and speak with them in a language that they do not understand. Nicely, the two Germans were very patient to try to help the participant in spite of the language barriers. There was even a German student who came to them and offered them help with the English translation. It was heartwarming to feel the German friendship, especially in the cold November in this country.