Different cultures of human rights

During the project we have explored not only the meaning of human rights, but also how human rights are represented in different cultures.


During the workshop participants got to know how different cultures of human rights are formed and function through immersing in cultural realia of various continents.

As the United Nations points out, the concept of human rights is bound closely to the belief that culture is precious and central to our identity. The way we are born, live and die is affected by the culture to which we belong, so to take away our cultural heritage is to deny us our identity. At the same time, we can all benefit from our experience of other cultures and we have something to offer them in return. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights says “everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community” and by implication, this also means that no-one has the right to dominate, direct or eradicate that culture or impose theirs upon us [1].

“There will always be people who violate human rights” – The working group about human rights in ASIA. Watch their video beow.

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